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Lab Diagnostics Equipment
Lab Equipment Supplies Uganda

Lab Diagnostics: Serving Medicine

Lab Diagnostics Equipment

Lab diagnostics instruments are used to detect health and disease state markers. Some of the key measurements that diagnostic analyzers are used for are:

  • Metabolic markers (blood chemistry) such as glucose, urea, and potassium
  • Liver function tests
  • Heart disease and heart attack indicators
  • Thyroid disease markers
  • Various blood cell counts and blood cell size
  • Viral and microbial infection such as HIV or H. pylori
  • Immunological markers and antibodies

A Range of Instrumentation:

Central to any clinical diagnostic setting are chemistry analyzersimmunoassay analyzersassay kits, and hematology analyzers. Specialized analyzers are available for assays that are less commonly performed, or are not yet automated in workhorse equipment. Additionally, assay kits can be purchased to address clinical interrogations in smaller settings or in smaller batches. Typically these kits can be run with standard lab equipment such as a spectrophotometer, and other equipment used for ELISAs.

Diagnostic analyzers are available in a range of portability, sensitivity, and throughput options that cover a wide breadth of work areas – from large analyzers used in central service laboratory to highly portable instruments used at the patient bedside.

Lab Diagnostics Equipment from Daaf World Medical Supplies

  1. Infusion/ transfusion
    (I.V cannula, Pressure Monitoring Lines, Disposable Syringes & needles
  2. Urology
    (Foley balloon, catheter, male external catheter penile sheath, nelaton
    catheter, urethral catheter, urine collecting bags)
  3. Gastro-Entrology
    (Salem Sump Tube/ irrigation tube, levin’s tube-stomach tube, infant
    feeding tube rectal catheter, Kehr’s “T” tube, colostomy bags & kits)
  4. Anaesthesia
    (Endotracheal tubes plain, nasal oxygen cannula, oxygen mask, infant
    mucus extractor, suction catheters, Yankaur suction set, tracheostomy
  5. General Surgery
    (Umbilical catheter, thoracic trocar catheter, thoracic drainage catheter
    endotracheal tubes (Std./Reinforced) Laryngeal Mask Airway)
  6. Surgical blades & scalpels
  7. Blood collection tubes
    (Plain, SST, EDTA, Sodium Citrate, Lithium heparin, ESR, Fluoride
    oxalate tubes, flashback needles, multiple needles, needle holders,
    lancets tourniquets)

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