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PPE Supplies Uganda
Medical Equipment Supplies Uganda

PPE Supplies Uganda Medical Equipment Supplies from DAAF WORLD Medical Equipment Supplies.

Working in a hospital environment presents many dangers. Depending on the specific situation and type of work, the risks can vary greatly – making personal protection equipment an absolute necessity. At Daaf World, our focus is always on your safety – and for generations, health workers have depended on our personal protection equipment to protect their lives. No matter what kind of dangers you’re faced with, we have the right solutions and appropriate personal safety equipment to keep you safe.

PPE Supplies Uganda

Disposable Products

  1. Infusion/ transfusion
    (I.V cannula, Pressure Monitoring Lines, Disposable Syringes & needles
  2. Urology
    (Foley balloon, catheter, male external catheter penile sheath, nelaton
    catheter, urethral catheter, urine collecting bags)
  3. Gastro-Entrology
    (Salem Sump Tube/ irrigation tube, levin’s tube-stomach tube, infant
    feeding tube rectal catheter, Kehr’s “T” tube, colostomy bags & kits)
  4. Anaesthesia
    (Endotracheal tubes plain, nasal oxygen cannula, oxygen mask, infant
    mucus extractor, suction catheters, Yankaur suction set, tracheostomy
  5. General Surgery
    (Umbilical catheter, thoracic trocar catheter, thoracic drainage catheter
    endotracheal tubes (Std./Reinforced) Laryngeal Mask Airway)
  6. Surgical blades & scalpels
  7. Blood collection tubes
    (Plain, SST, EDTA, Sodium Citrate, Lithium heparin, ESR, Fluoride
    oxalate tubes, flashback needles, multiple needles, needle holders,
    lancets tourniquets)

PPE Supplies Uganda Surgical Dressing & Hospital Linen 

  1. Bandages, cotton balls & wool, gause dressings
  1. Gauze swabs, adhesives & surgical tape
  2. Eye pads & shield, skin transaction kit, I.V cannula fixation
  3. Face masks, gloves latex
  4. Disposable gloves, shoe covers, oversleeves, goggles, HIV kit
  5. Cotton scrub suit, caps, nurse maxi, drape sheets, bed sheets
  6. Pillow covers O.T towels
  7. Shoe cover, patient identification bands

Suction Units 

  1. Suction units – High Vacuum
  1. Suction unit - Mobile
  2. Suction unit – Electric-Cum-manual
  3. Suction unit - Portable
  4. Suction unit – AC/DC
  5. Suction unit - Multivac
  6. Suction unit – Manual (Foot/Pedal Operated)
  7. Hand Held Suction Unit
  8. Pipeline Suction Unit
  9. Suction Unit Accessories

Cold Chain Equipment

  1. Vaccine Carriers
  2. Cold Boxes
  3. Ice Packs

Hospital Beds

  1. Fowler Beds
  2. Semi Fowler Beds / Two Section Beds
  3. Plain Beds
  4. Baby Cribs / Child Cots

Ward Furniture Medical Equipment Supplies

  1. Bedside lockers
  2. Overbed Tables
  3. Foot steps / Stools
  4. Revolving Stools
  5. Soiled linen trolley
  6. Cylinder trolley
  7. Dustbin (S.S) With Inner Plastic Basket
  8. Saline Stand /I.V Stand & doctors chair
  9. Bowl stand (single/ double)
  10. Mayo Type Trolley
  11. Kick Bucket / Basin
  12. Instrument Trolley
  13. Dressing Trolley
  1. Examination Table / Couch
  2. Delivery Table / Bed/ Couch

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